Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Old School: Emmitt Smith Won't Leave

Editor's Note: Here is another installment in the series entitled "Old School" -- enjoy -- ds

Old School: Emmitt Smith Won't Leave
Oct 4th 2007
Brian Cook

Not to pile on Florida fans who can only be thinking about dastardly Auburn, the only school to beat the Gators over the past two years, but this just popped up on YouTube. So don't blame me. To set the stage: Emmitt Smith -- who you may have heard of -- is in his junior year at Florida; he plans on leaving for the draft after the year ends. Leading 7-3 late in the fourth quarter, Florida forces Auburn into fourth and long; the Tigers convert. They score a touchdown with 12 seconds left and win.

But Emmitt won't leave the field

I like Smith 1000 times more than I did ten minutes ago. (Not that I disliked him; prior to this I was a football agnostic.) Would anyone ever do this after an NFL game? Hell no. The kicker is that this game was at Auburn and he's just leaving himself out there to be jeered and mocked. 100 cocktails to you, sir.

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