Monday, October 29, 2007

Single-Wing Coach To Be "Jailed" to Help the MDA Team

Single-Wing Coach To Be "Jailed" to Help the MDA Team

Dan Spain
Single-Wing Sentinel

Colo-NESCO (Iowa) High School Head Football Coach, Tim Pezzetti will be “jailed” on Thursday. He is seeking “bail” from friend, family and fellow coaches.

Pezzetti said, “I have been selected to participate in an area MDA lock-up event this week and I thought that I would see if anyone would be interested in helping post my bail. I will be in "jail" on Thursday and would like to raise as much bail as is possible by then.”

He encourages all, or should I say begs all, to visit the following web-site: and help him reach his goal.

His "Bail" goal is $1950.

He is being supported by fellow Coaches. One fellow coach jokingly said "Can we donate to keep Tim in jail?"

All coaches and fans are challenged to donate what they can to this great cause.

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