Thursday, October 25, 2007

State Champions: Eagle River Panthers JP

State Champions -- Eagle River Panthers JP
October 25, 2007
Single-Wing Sentinel
Dan Spain

There was no snow for the State Championship game in Anchorage, like last year. But the Panthers snowballed it into the Championship, undefeated.

After plowing over the South Anchorage Jaguars, in the semi-finals 20 to 6, the Panthers went on to play the Anchorage Bucs in the Championship.

Up to the point, the Bucs had only had one loss, oh by the way it was to the Panthers. Eagle River Panthers JP's rushing attack and strong defense won the State Championship, by defeating the bucs again 25 to 13.

Congratulations to the 2007 Alaska State Champions


Editors Note: Congratulations to Eagle River Panthers JP and the entire Eagle River Panthers Organization. Here's a 05 promo video, that would make any organization proud

07 Highlight:

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