Monday, November 12, 2007

Tebow: Back To The Future

Back To The Future
Dan Spain
Single-Wing Sentinel
November 12, 2007

Tim Tebow accounted for all seven of Florida's touchdowns, a school record five rushing and two passing, as the Gators kept alive their hopes of making the SEC title game.

Tebow was 22-for-32 for a career-best 304 yards and ran for 120 yards, accounting for more than three-quarters of the offense for the Gators.

“He’s sort of the quarterback of the future. He’s a guy that can run and pass,” South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier said, before quickly clarifying himself.

“Or the quarterback of today. I should say that — today. He’s just a guy that can run around and break some tackles and still get balls off. He’s really the type of quarterback that almost everyone is looking for, as well as being an excellent passer, also.”

Some would disagree with the quarterback of the future, coaches and commentators from around the nation are starting to realize that Tebow is a throwback to a Single-Wing Tailback.

Commenting on Steve Spurrier's quarterback of the future and Tebow's comparison to a Single-Wing Tailback, coach, author and football historian, Ted Seay, said "It's more like back to the future"

Whether it's the Future, present or past, it is good to see the raw power, the deception, the ability to have an extra blocker and excitement of the Single-Wing make it's way back into the football world.

Look for the "past, present and future" at a football field near you -- Roll Single-Wing Roll!


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