Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Interview: Dan Mullen OC University of Florida

Dan Spain
Single-Wing Sentinel
March 19, 2008

I had the privilege to be able to ask Dan Mullen, Offensive Coordinator and Quarterbacks coach of the University of Florida Gators a few questions.

Coach Mullen called the plays for an offense in 2007 that ranked first in the SEC and third nationally in scoring, averaging 42.5 points per game; also ranked first in the league in total offense, averaging 457.2 yards per game. He directed the Gator offense to the second-highest point total ever by a UF unit and the top single season marks for rushing touchdowns (39) and third-down conversion percentage (53.4).

Coach Mullen orchestrated a UF attack that was the only one in the nation to have rushed for a touchdown and passed for a touchdown in every game in 2007; UF has passed for a touchdown and rushed for a touchdown in 24 straight games)2

Florida’s offense scored 75 touchdowns during the season, tops in the SEC and nine more than second-place LSU; scored a staggering 75.34 percent touchdowns while in the red-zone, first the conference.

Coach Mullen molded sophomore quarterback Tim Tebow into a Heisman Trophy winner, Maxwell and Davey O’Brien award winner and AP first team All-American among other honors.

Single-Wing Sentinel: With Tim Tebow running off tackle, throwing jump passes and other single-wing plays, some have said that you have incorporated the Single-Wing into your Spread Offense -- would you agree with that assessment?
Dan Mullen: Yes, I would.

SWS: Some have even described as a “Hybrid Spread Single-Wing”, is that close to being accurate? If so how?
DM: We use some single wing concepts in that we use our base runs without a tailback in the game and add extra WR's. The QB just runs the base runs.

SWS: How would Single-Wing properties help an offense?
DM: It eliminates the extra defender in the box.

SWS: Has the Single-Wing running quarterback always been apart of your offense, or has it been an adaptation due to the type of Quarterback you have in Tim Tebow?
DM: It started at Bowling Green with a QB named Josh Harris.

SWS: Why do you think the Single-Wing is making its way back into the collegiate ranks?
DM: With the threat of QB run it adds another player the defense has to account for.

SWS: What advice would you give a coach that may be considering running the single-wing or adding a single-wing package?
DM: As long as your single wing QB can throw out of the package it willbe a great addition for you.

I want to thank Coach Dan Mullen for his time, especially as he and the team are in the middle of Spring Practices. I wish him and the Gators a great ‘08!

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