Thursday, May 1, 2008

Glenwood’s Henderson leaving for job at Comer

By Tim Cottrell
Glenwood is in need of a new coach.

Tripp Henderson, who compiled an 18-5 record in the last two seasons as head coach of the Gators, resigned Friday to take the same position at B.B. Comer in Sylacauga.

Henderson’s hiring was approved by the Talladega County School Board on Friday morning.

“Tripp told me this morning,” Glenwood athletic director Tim Fanning said. “We had had some discussions, so it wasn’t a surprise. We were informed.”

Henderson said he had been conflicted about leaving Glenwood.

“I’m torn,” he said. “I developed a lot of relationships with kids and other people in the school. This is home to me, but at the same time you’re always looking to advance your career
and do what’s best for your family.

“That’s kind of what happened here.”

Henderson spent one year at the school as a defensive coordinator before being hired as head coach prior to the 2006 season. The Gators improved from 2-8 to 9-3 in his first season and went 9-2 in 2007.

Fanning said Glenwood had some names in mind as it sets out to find a new coach, and that the search would begin soon.

“More than likely, interviews for the job will start at the beginning of May,” Fanning said. “As an athletic director, you have to be prepared for these types of things when you have a young coach.”

Despite all the excitement of a new job at a larger, public school, Henderson said he regretted one thing he’d be leaving behind.

“The kids,” he said. “This was my first head coaching job. The senior class that just graduated was the first class I’d gone all the way through with. That’s gonna be the hardest part, not being around those kids every day.” 737-2511

Mike Szvetitz contributed to this report.

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