Monday, September 24, 2007

Youth Football -- KC Colts Coach's Report

KC Colts Coach's Report
J. Michael Ranson Head Coach
Charleston, WV

This week my kids played a team that last year was up 40-0 at half time. They were co-favored to win our league.

We started out powering them. The first time we got the ball we kept in on a 15 play drive and ate up 10 minutes of clock.

TB power +2, TB power +9, TB power +6, TB Blast -3 (blocking breakdown), FB Wedge +6, TB power +7, 1/2 Spin, +3, FB Wedge +8, QB Counter +2, TB Blast +5,
TB Blast +2, TB Power +13, TB Power +2 and TD. We made the conversion on a beast blast out of Beast.

Unfortunately they were a very fast team with 4 track stars form our local track organization so they scored the next 3 to go up 20-8 with about 6 minutes to play. They had pulled their safeties up so we went to our passing game.

We hit a 40 yard play on a TB Sprint out pass to inside the 10. We scored on a QB Blast and another beast conversion to make it 20-16.

We held an got the ball back with about 2:00 minutes to go. We threw our WAL pass out of our WAL Formation. Touchdown and with another Beast conversion we took a 24-20 lead with less than a minute do play.

We then held on for the win. These kids have gone from last place last year to first place midway through the season.

I have the YouTube link below to the pass plays.

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