Saturday, October 13, 2007

Coach makes opposition happy by coming out in the spread

Single-Wing Coach makes
Opposition Happy
by coming out in the Spread

You study, investigate and choice to run the single-wing. The 100 year old offense that 95%+ of the opposing coaches have never seen much let coach against. An offense that a growing number of coaches are currently using. The single-wing, an offense that has proven to work with numerous youth and high school teams. An offense that won 3 state High School Championships last year. An offense that has set state rushing records in several states.

The season is starting out tough. The parents are screaming and the administration is asking questions. Everyone is screaming you need to spread things out.

What should you do?

(1) Determine where this proven offense and struggling team needs to get better. Seek council from coaches that have had success with the Single-Wing. Stick to your guns and push forward.


(2) Switch your offense.

Which one would make the parents happy? Which one would make the administration happy? Maybe you should ask yourself” Which one would make the opposition happy?

Read an excerpt from The Herald Democrat article:

The Panthers surprised Whitesboro by abandoning the single wing offense and coming out in a one-back spread, but it took a while for the new formation to have success.

“I was more happy they came out in that (spread) than that wing stuff,” said Labhart, who also had an interception on defense. “I knew they were a good football team, and I was much more relieved when I saw that, because it was more stoppable than (the single wing).”

How do you make life easier for the opposition? Run a offense thay see on a normal basis, one they practice for all the time, one they don’t waste practice time on trying to understand or explain. So if your goal is to make a Defensive Coordinator happy, run a conventional offense.

If your goal is to help a struggle team get better, give them an offense that suites them and helps them compete. If you goal is to take a good team to the next level, give them an offese that helps them work as an team, an offense that conrols the clock, grinds out the clock and keeps the opposition’s offense off the field. Dare to be unconventional.

Excerpts from:
6-0! W’boro survives first-half scare to win
The Herald Democrat
603 S. Sam Rayburn FreewaySherman Texas 75090


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