Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Kanawha City Colts
Oct, 2, 2007
Coach J. Michael Ranson

The 9-10 year old Kanawha City Colts were able to dominate this weekend with a 44-0 win. In the win the Colts were able to use most of their formations alone with the Colton Shift to fashion their offensive attack.

In the game they ran Rhino, Yale, Eagle, Beast, Wishbone Right, Wishbone Left, Double wing (Coach Hyatt Wildcat), and Wal. The video below shows four of the plays that worked out fairly well. The 1st is the option series. KC runs a triple option attacking the DE. (It is more veer then wishbone but KC likes the name wishbone better). Then 2nd is great against 9 to 11 men lines. It is an inside handoff to the Wingback with the FB trapping the DE on the Quick side who we let come free. The back then cuts off of that block. The 3rd is the Yale formation that Coach Perry taught at the conclave. It is a great power formation. The 4th is out of KC’s Eagle Formation (Similar to the "wildhog" of Arkansas) This is great to run when they are playing tight on the off tackle hole. If the outside man commits to the man in motion you are off the races.

As with all film I can see a hundred things that we could correct and we will work on them this week. Hope this is helpful.

Wishbone Right, Triple Option TD

Wingback Blast, TD

Tailback Power, Yale

QB Power, Eagle, TD

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