Sunday, November 4, 2007

Arkansas Single-Wing Spin Plays

Dan Spain
Single-Wing Sentinel

More and more the single-wing is making it's way back into the college level. While other colleges were using it, the first real recognition was when Florida and Arkansas started running some single-wing plays out of it's Wildcat (Now called Wildhog or Wild Hog).

Florida was running the Tebow package, which is the power series in the single-wing. Arkansas went even more traditional by putting the All-American tailback Darren McFadden, who quarterbacked in high school, back to take the direct snap.

We seen off-tackle plays, jump passes, jet sweeps, sweep passes, and now the Arkansas Razorbacks have added the spinner series.

In the November 3, 2007 Arkansas vs South Carolina game Felix Jones 72 Yard Touchdown run off a spinner play. See video below.

This was after Jones had already ran a 40 yard TD out of a variation of the "Wild Hog formation".

Casey Dick to Lucas Miller Touchdown Pass from the Wild Hog

Then late in the fourth quarter, Darren McFadden 80 Yard TD Run.

Mcfadden rushed for an SEC single-game record 323 yards on 35 carries. That's right 323 yards.

Gamecocks Coach Steve Spurrier said McFadden’s case was made again in a big way.
“Three-twenty-three ?” Spurrier said, shaking his head. “Yeah, that will get him in [the race ].”

For good measure, McFadden threw a 23-yard touchdown pass to Robert Johnson out of the WildHog formation. And handed off to Felix Jones, who scored on a 7-yard run.

McFadden’s return to the highlight reels coincided with return of the WildHog.

The Razorbacks ran the WildHog formation, with McFadden at quarterback, 16 times, twice as many plays as they have in any previous game this season.

Darren Mcfadden's has distributed the ball out of the Wild Hog. Teams are so focused on Mcfadden that when he hands-off or passes, it's usually turns out to be a big play. Though he has only passes for three times, his passing rating is outrageous:

--2--- 3--- 65-- 66.7-- 21.67-- 2-- 0--- 468.7

Stay tuned to see what's next. Tebow running the wedge? Mcfadden quick kicking?

From a previous post:

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