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Team preview: Rocky Bayou Christian

August 29, 2008 - 1:36AM


NICEVILLE - Athleticism is unquestionably a necessity to build a quality football team.

But Rocky Bayou football coach John Reaves believes not having an endless supply of it doesn't mean a team can't be competitive. Other factors are nearly as important, and that's why Reaves has quickly grown fond of the Knights' inaugural football team.

"In order to be successful in football, you have to be very disciplined if you don't have incredible athletes. We don't have incredible athletes," Reaves said. "We have good, solid athletes with great discipline."

Discipline and smarts.

"The asset of intelligence can't be overlooked," Reaves said. "You've got to have great athletes to win. But if you have great athletes who are intelligent, it gives you an edge. And, if you have adequate athletes who are intelligent, it makes up for some of the shortfalls of just being adequate."

Rocky Bayou won't be a unique team in the area solely because it's a new program. Reaves has instituted the Single Wing, an old-fashioned offense that is distinctive because there's no true quarterback. Instead, there's a bevy of ballcarriers who could potentially throw.

"We don't have a quarterback. A quarterback is just a name," Reaves said. "We have guys who throw the football, we have guys who run the football."

Seniors Noah Mosley and junior Justin Lewis are the team's tailbacks, junior Billy Thomas is the fullback, sophomore James Waldron is the blocking back, and senior James Kaim, junior Scott Listak and sophomore Dion Wright are the wingbacks.

"We've got sufficient speed, we've got sufficient size," Reaves said. "If we need a yard, I believe we can get it."

Rocky Bayou's offense will contain two tight ends, and they are seniors Taylor Peacock and James Speegle.

Seniors Ben Donahue and Brian Redmon, junior Aaron Cain, sophomore Matthew Ruff, freshman Eddie Owens and Shawn Josey are slated for the offensive line.

"They're not just moving somebody out of the way so a back can run," Reaves said. "They're putting somebody in the dirt so a back can run."

On the defensive line, Thomas and Josey are set to take care of the interior while Peacock and Redmon are the defensive ends.

Lewis, Speegle, Mosley, Shannon Mosley and Waldron comprise the team's linebacking unit.

Lewis also could be in the defensive backfield, along with Kaim, Listak and freshman Chris Behnken.

"Our system is very, very much an attacking system," Reaves said. "We're not going to sit back and take what the offense gives us. We're going to try to make something happen.

"We're not blessed with enormous size, so we need to meet them in the backfield or catch them in the backfield and try to get the ball on the ground."

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