Monday, September 1, 2008

Single Wing leads KC Colts to upset win

Coach's Report

J. Michael Ranson
Head Coach
Kanawha City Colts
Charleston, WV

Mike We started our season last Sunday. As luck would have it we drew the preseason favorite for our first game. The team that we had to play had destroyed both of their opponents in the our Kick off Classic. The coach of the team had informed me that they had so much talent that they did not know how they were going to keep all of their skill players happy. A lot of their kids complete on the local 10 year old track team in the summer and had very successful meets against out of state competition.

My team has some strength but we are very slow. The only thing that we have going for us is the Single Wing Offense. We got the kick off and drove 3 yards at a time (Powers, Wedges and Blasts mostly) for a touchdown and with the extra point went up 8-0. We took six minutes to score.

We kick off and the first play they score on a 70 yard run (8-8).

We get the ball back and after using up about 5 minutes of the clock we score again on a power play. Miss the extra point and its 14-8. The key play in the drive was our swinging gate play. As some know we huddle to the sideline. We snapped the ball sideways on a 3rd and 8 and ran for about 30 yards.

They get the ball back and immediately break lose on a long run but a block in the back brings it back and makes it 1st and 20. Somehow we hold them and they punt (never so glad to see a punt in my life).

We had to move a little quicker this time as it was getting near half time. We ran a T-spin out of our pistol formation. We faked the TB quick trap and gave the ball to the WB on Counter Sweep. He ran 25 yards. We advanced the ball to the 11 yard line with 4 seconds to play when we decided to cheat. (We threw a pass). We threw our WAL pass out of the WAL formation. This is where we send the SE who is on the left side across the middle and then run our QB on a wheel route from the left wing position. The TB hit him at the five and he scored on the last play of the half. (20-8).

We kick off to start the 2nd half. First play 65 yard TD run by a track star. (20-16).

On the 3rd play after receiving the kickoff my big (but slow) TB breaks lose on a power and goes 45 yards for a TD. I don't know how he ran as fast as he did but he looked like he was possessed on the run. (26-16).

Somehow we held them once again and got the ball back with 3:00 to go in the 3rd quarter on our 40 yard line. They never saw the ball again. The game ended with us in Victory formation on their 5 yard line. We ran a 14 play drive that ate up the rest of the 3rd quarter and the entire 4th quarter. They moved their DT outside of our Strong Tackle so we just kept running Blast after Blast 3 and 4 yards at a time.

As you can imagine we were pretty excited. After the game one of my parents who was working the chain on the other side told me that the coaches of the other team kept yelling we have to make an adjustment on defense to which the response was "what adjustments can we make".

All told we ran out of 8 formations. We had over 50 offensive plays to the other teams 10. I love this offense.


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