Sunday, November 18, 2007

SWS Salutes: Winfield

Winfield High School


Head Coach Tom Overton

Winfield, MO

The Warriors have just finished the season with a 6 and 4 record, this winning record is the schools first ever winning season.

Coach Tom Overton stated, "Our school has never had a winning season in its 10 year history, so we are very proud of this accomplishment. Now that we have a foundation to work from, we can work on getting better numbers out for football as we are a very small program for our state classification."

Coach Overton took the time to answer a few questions from the Single-Wing Sentinel:

Single-Wing Sentinel: Coach Overton, how long have you been coaching?

Coach Tom Overton: I started coaching my two sons in Junior Football in 1988. I started Head Coaching in Junior Football in 1991.

SWS: When did you start coaching high school

CTO: After 1999, I finished my degree, quit my job and started teaching Math and and worked as an assistant coach at Warrenton High School in 2001.

SWS: How long have you been head coach at Winfield?

CTO: In 2003 I was offered the head coaching job at Winfield. I have been at Winfield for 4 years as Head Coach.

SWS: How long have you been running the single-wing?

CTO: I discovered John Reed's very first book when it came out, I think that was 1991. I got [Dr Ken] Keuffel's [Winning Single Wing Football] book and started running his formation.

SWS: How did the Single-Wing help your team?

CTO: I have a very undersized team and the Single Wing has been our equalizer. We now run Jim Ahern's Spread version along with Perry's Yale that we call Napolean in honor of his Missouri team. We love the offense for all the reasons that every coach does; Don't see it very often, so it is hard to prepare for. Can't find the football. Easy blocking assignments, In our case, just when you think you have it figured out by "loading the box", we go over the top and add a new dimension. We rushed for 2130 yds. and passed for 1468.

Coach Overton and team, the Single-Wing Sentinel Salutes you! Congratulations and good luck next year!

Dan Spain
Single-Wing Sentinel

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